Public Safety Message - Mayor Torkan

Message from the Mayor

September 2022 Newsletter


Dear Neighbors, I believe the Village residents are entitled to know what is going on within the Village and if you ever have any other questions, please feel free to reach out to me for answers. The Village denied Extenet's application, in part, because of its failure to provide the information that Mr. Campanelli stated the Village was entitled to receive. The court held that the Village was not entitled to receive the information that Mr. Campanelli said it was entitled to receive and that Extenet had supplied all of the information to which the Village was entitled, and ordered the Village to grant Extenet's application to install the 31 small wireless facilities in the Village. In its decision, the court also addressed the other bases raised by Mr. Campanelli at the public meeting to deny the application and found that they had no merit and were not sufficient to deny the application. A
copy of the court's decision is attached for your review. Thank you. Kouros Torkan - Mayor
 The Draft of the Village 2022 Stormwater Management Program Annual Report is now available for public review on the Village's website ( and at the Department of Public Works. The Village Stormwater Management Program Plan Documents are also available for public review at the Department of Public Works. Comments and questions on the Village Stormwater Management Program can be submitted to Public Works Staff at 516-504-1000.





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